Such a simple thing, like coloring, is in the life of every baby. However, coloring is not only one way to keep your baby busy. Today we will talk about the benefits of colorings and their impact on the development of our children.

The first coloring of the baby.

You can introduce the baby to coloring at the age of two. By this moment, for sure, your baby already holds pencils and felt-tip pens well in his hand and wields them on paper.

When choosing a coloring for babies 2-4 years old, pay attention to the complexity of the pictures: they should have a minimum of small details, all the images should be clear and understandable to your baby.

It’s better to color the first drawings with pencils: this way it will be easier for the baby to learn how to paint without going beyond the boundaries of the drawing. When the young artist will do a good job with this task, you can move on to paints, the possibilities of which are much greater! Show how you can mix colors to get others! Surely, such an experiment will appeal to your researcher!